Analyst Report

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Business 101
4 November 2011
Analyst Report

Part 1: Executive Summary
VF Corporation is a multi million-dollar industry that produces and distributes apparels from various brand names. Throughout the past two years VF Corp has performed very well as concluded on its annual report. By looking at the annual report for 2010 it is very clear that VF Corp has performed very well over the past year. The total revenues for 2010 were $482,303 more than the total revenues for 2009. The long-term debt for the company reduces by $2,612 from 2009. With the various brand names that VF Corp has, it is clear that the total revenue will always increase as the demand for those brands increases, which they have been increasing. To add to their brand base VF Corp just recently bought the company Timberland so that too will help increase their earnings. By purchasing another popular name brand VF Corp will have a number of appealing brands that the public is always interested in purchasing. This helps VF Corp in the future because the more brands they purchase, the larger their consumer population will become. By doing so they are also highlighting one of their major goals addressed in their mission statement, which states “Our goal is to continuously exceed the expectations of our consumers, customers, shareholders and business partners.” Part 2: Company Profile

• Ticker symbol: VFC
• Mission Statement as it is printed in the Annual Report: We will grow by building leading lifestyle brands that excite consumers around the world. Ours is a perpetually driven culture, focused on constant innovation. Using deep research and insights, we combine the art and science of apparel to create products that excite consumers and brands that inspire loyalty. We responsibly manage the industry's most efficient and complex supply chain, which spans multiple geographies, product categories and distribution channels.

Our goal is to continuously exceed the expectations of our consumers, customers, shareholders and business partners. We help our retail partners win with consistently solid execution and outstanding service. And we continually find ways to improve our performance and generate bottom line results. • Corporate headquarters location: 105 Corporate Center Blvd. Greensboro, NC 27408 • Name of CEO: Eric C. Wiseman

• Name of CFO: Robert K. Shearer
• Stock classifications (common, preferred, both): Common • Exchange (NYSE, Nasdaq): New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Part 3: Projections:
Based on the graph of the stock performance I project that the stock prices will steadily increase in the years to come. During the 2009 recession the stock levels for VF Corp went down but bounced right back up towards the 70’s closer to 2010. Since then the stock levels slowly increased each month and now are at a steady positive increase and I believe that it will continue to increase. Also VF Corp is associated with various clothing and apparel companies and regardless of how serious the economy might decline, people will still go out and buy clothes. VF Corp is also associated with a number of big name brands such as The North Face, Lee, Vans, Timberland, Nautica, Wrangler, Majestic, Jansport, and many other brands. These different brands are very popular these days and their sales are always going up so the overall stocks for VF Corp will continue in a positive slope.


Part 4: Current Events
The first article discusses how VF Corp is purchasing “VF Arvind Brands Private Limited”. This company is responsible for marketing VF Corp’s brands throughout India. This is helpful for VF Corp because it can market its own brands and spread throughout Asia as well. This would allow VF Corp to not only have the final say on how exactly it markets its products but to also choose the locations that they want the products to be marketed at. Overall this purchase will greatly benefit VF Corp right now and in the future as well. The...
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