Analyst of Research Paper- Pressure Ulcers

Topics: Statistical hypothesis testing, Renal failure, Statistics Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: February 20, 2012
The study of interest for this statistical paper is within Applied Nursing Research. The Validity of the Braden and Waterlow subscales in predicting pressure ulcer risk in hospitalized patients.

“ Pressure ulcer is a public health problem, which involves the biopsychosocial aspets of patients and their families. The development of pressure ulcers has an important impact on the patient’s quality of life, may affect metabolism, and results in prolonged hospital stay and need for specialized care with consequent increase cost.” (Serpa,2011).

To be a useful statistical information with a studied research, there must be a few components such as a sample, procedures, data analysis, results, and a conclusion. This study contained all these areas and will be covered within this analysis. First the sample contained “Eligibility criteria included all patients without pressure ulcers, 18 years and older, who were hospitalized in the study wards for more than 24 hours and less than 48 hours, had a Braden score equal or less than 18, and agreed to participate in the study. For the purposes of the original study (i.e., evaluation of the validity of the Braden nutrition subscale in predicting pressure ulcers), patients with chronic renal failure, and/or with liver insufficiency, and/or ascites were excluded from the sample because these conditions would affect the nutritional assessment of the patients. A total of 269 patients were evaluated during the study period. Eighty-one patients were discharged before the three scheduled assessments, 11 refused to participate, 4 were excluded because there were no data available on their nutritional status, and 3 died. The sample consisted of 170 patients who met all study criteria.” ( Serpa, 2011). This study would have some statistical errors due to the missing assessments because of discharge, refusal, insufficient data, and a few passing away. The errors must be taken into consideration for statistical purposes.

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