Analysis N.Sparks "True Believer"

Topics: Family, Marriage, French Revolution Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Dariya Glazova, group 402
Nicholas Sparks «True Believer»
The text under stylistic analysis presents the excerpt from the novel «True believer» written by Nicholas Sparks. In this passage the author touches upon the issue of generation gap. He contrasts the grandmother, Doris McClellan, with her grandchild, Lexie. It is known that the adults like to teach their children how they should live their life and Doris isn’t exception. From the very beginning the reader can guess that the granny and her granddaughter are polarities. The author employs the parallel construction «For Doris, the reason was … For Lexie, the reason was…» to enhance this idea. Also we can see that the relationship between these two women are very close because even Lexie is angry with her granny’s interference in her life she loves her with her whole heart. To show that the grandmother’s existence is full of taking care of her lovely treasure the author uses the following choice of word: she meant no harm, frequently wondered aloud, all of her hemming and hawing and such like things. Among the other problems of society Nicholas Sparks raises the question of crisis of women of thirty years in this extract. He draws the reader’s attention to the fact that at her thirties Lexie «hadn’t settled yet» and she is still in the search of her knight in shining armour. This special kind of her happiness, on the other hand she wants to meet the right guy as every normal girl or woman, is described by the author in the only one masterfully collected word «her man» and this idea is also strengthened by the graphical expressive mean- the italics of the possessive pronoun her. The powerful effect produced by these stylistic devices is quite unquestionable. But she wants not only to be with the right guy but she wants the only one man who possible never has existed in the real world because he is a figment of her imagination which is created by herself according to the glamorous magazines overstuffed...
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