Analysis “I’m Going to Asia” by John Cheever

Topics: World War II, Grammatical tense, Global conflicts Pages: 2 (922 words) Published: November 1, 2010
The text under analysis is a sample of the emotive prose. John Cheever tells the story of the Towle family. The story centers around the family hearth as the war looms. The prevailing prose system used is dialogue intermingled with description in order to characterize every member of the family. General atmosphere of the text is ominous tension. The text is based on the effect of climax, but suspense and parallel constructions also play very important role in this text. We understand that the theme of this text is war and the way it effects people wherever they live. But in fact there are no concrete words about war, the author masterfully shows people’s fear to voice this scary word. As they say don’t take devil’s name in vain, not to bring disaster upon your home. Here suspense is taking place. Throughout the text there are only indications of the war, such as: “We’ll all spend the rest of our lives in uniform”, “Antwerp, Liège, Amiens, Beauvais, They’re all ruins now.”, “They don’t have coffee, they don’t have butter. They don’t have whisky, they don’t have homes. At one meal we eat more meat than anybody in Europe sees in six months.”, Maybe I’ll have to go to war. I’ll be in the first draft, I always imagine soldiers as and so on. We don’t know about what exactly war they were talking, but the words: “After the World War when there was all that trouble in Armenia” we can guess that it was The second World War. The episode that old Mrs. Towle told about the intruder on the pier is also the implication to the fact the something bad broke into their measured life. The place indication is also implied on the reader through the words : “the Adirondacks* were more beautiful than anything in Europe” , “big house in Westchester”, “Long Island”, we understand that it is America. In the very beginning we see the description of the family evening that is where Climax starts growing. Among the almost peaceful description of the evening there are the first words with...
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