Analysis: A Sad Heart at the Supermarket

Topics: Mass media, Scientific method, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: December 7, 2011
A Sad Heart at the Supermarket
A Sad Heart at the Supermarket, which was published in 1960 as a section for Daedalus is by Randall Jarrell. Randall is known for being a poet and an acclaimed critic of poetry. A Sad Heart at the Supermarket examines the role of intelligence and artists in the promising protection of customers in the American society at that time of the story and mass media's shaping of America. Although the title doesn’t fit, because what in the story is about the Supermarket? Nothing really, the story contains a few key points: The Medium shows us what our new needs are and how often, without it, we should have known. Also it shows us how they can be satisfied:  they can be satisfied by buying something (629 Jarrell). Then it explains the protection of its customers and mass media in a more funny way. Where McLuhan says: "Our standards have become, to an astonishing degree, those of what is called "the world of fashion," where mere timeliness is the value to which all other values are reducible. All of this is, at bottom, the opposite of the world of the arts, where commercial and scientific progress does not exist; where the bone of Homer and Mozart and Donatello is there, always under the mere blush of fashion; where the past is responsible for the way that we understand, value, and act in, the present." After this Randall explains how you can’t beat the feeling of being somewhere over seeing it online. A quote that explains this is “fifteen minutes pass; anything's old news which means in positive sense, the idea can open up many opportunities.
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