Analysis: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Influence: Where does it come from?
Know the importance of influence in
To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

Zainab Salman
ENG1D1-07 Ms Gulens 2011-01-20

T.K.A.M.B Essay by Zainab Salman
Scout has a lot of people who influence her but from a womanly perspective from miss maudie which is positive, from aunt Alexandra which is negative and calpurnia which is positive. In To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee 3 characters influence scout the most. The criteria is miss maudie’s influence on scout , aunt Alexandra’s influence on scout and calpurnia’s influence on scout. Miss Maudie is the friendly neighbour who is very different from other women. Firstly she is friendly. “Jem and I always enjoyed the free run in Miss Maudie’s yard if we keep out of her azaleas” (42). In the book no other character did that she also baked for jem and scout. Secondly she is always there for scout “I spent most of the remaining twilights that summer sitting with Miss Maudie Atkinson on her front porch”(42).Scout was being ignored by dill and jem since they were like best friends so she would be around Miss Maudie. Miss Maudie doesn’t talk to scout like she is seven or eight she talks like an adult with scout. “Maybe they stuffed him in the chimney”(43). She is talking to scout about the violent rumours about Boo Radley. Over Miss Maudie is the best friend/neighbour/role model scout can have. Finally she is a great influence on scout. Scout basically does exactly the opposite of what aunt Alexandra tells her to do. Aunt Alexandra and scout don’t get along. There have been many situations where aunt Alexandra...
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