Analysis: The Seventh Seal

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Maria G. Martinez
Extra Credit

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal is one of the best movies that I had watch. It is really interesting especially because is scene is full of different shots and effects and sounds. This movie is about a Knight and his squire they come from crusades to home and there they find that the Black Death is in their town. the main idea is that the Death is going to appeared to the knight and they both are going to be part of a chest game where the knight risk his own life playing this game against the Death. In this movie there are a lot of important compositions that really tell a good part of the story and have a big meaning. All the compositions are related to the main idea the Death and The Night representing the good and the bad. For example .at the beginning when that Knight wakes on a beach and death appeared in they’re to begin the play of a game chess.  This is the beginning that shows that the death, the knight is going to be the main characters of the movie and that they are going to represent the good and the bad.  After that the one of the most important compositions is when Jof has fist vision where he seems the Virgin that is carry her child and that is important because his religion is to believe in the Virgin Mary. This is important and leads to the fist scenes because the death represents that evil and the bad and the virgin represents the good and the peace.  Another important composition is when the Knight and the squire arrive to the church and there he has a discussion with the guy the painter that is working on a paint of the Black Death.  This point is important because it represents what is going to happen next.  AT the moment that the knight gong to confess with the monk, is not really the monk but instead is the Black Death at the one he is telling all his sins.  This composition is important because the secret of how death is going got win in the chess game revels here because block tells him...
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