Analysis: The Jefferson Period

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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In the creation and development of the United States, there are many great periods and people of influence that have shaped the nation. These entities have brought great changes and improvements to the citizens and the government of the United States that are still seen today. Perhaps the most influential period is the Jeffersonian period from the years 1800-1824 with the presidencies of the Virginians Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe due to their emphasis on republican ideals that helped shape America in its infancy.

Thomas Jefferson served two terms of presidency stretching from 1800-1808 as the third president of the United States. Jefferson believed that a simple government would suit America the best and this ideal helped shape our government into being concerned with the needs of the overall population and not solely with the needs of the rich by the way Jefferson cut taxing and reduced spending to allow the middle and lower class to make a living for them. Another action by Jefferson that proved beneficial to the government was the appointment of John Marshall to the Supreme Court. John Marshall proved to be beneficial to the judicial branch with his ruling in Marbury v. Madison which gave the Supreme Court to declare any act of government constitutional or unconstitutional, otherwise known as judicial review. Jefferson pushed expansion of America as well with the Louisiana Purchase and the federally funded expedition of this territory by Louis and Clark. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States and allowed settlers to spread out to western land. At the end of Jefferson’s term, he escalated the tension between him and the British as well as the Native Americans because of his expansion west and his embargo on British goods. This caused problems for the next president in line, James Madison.

James Madison served two terms also from 1808-1816 and his presidency dealt mainly with securing America as a country who...
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