Analysis: the Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Topics: Novel, Life Pages: 1 (1167 words) Published: February 18, 2013
In the introduction to this novella it is revealed that whilst on an excursion with the singer Gypsy Rose Lee our author had an epiphany.This altered the course her main character Frankie would take on her overwhelming voyage of life change and discovery.McCullers rescued her subject from the perils of falling in love with ones piano teacher and puts her now 'In love with the bride of her brotherand wants to join the wedding`.Beyond this revelation however the plot doesnt thicken yet this deep and profound insight into the absurdity of human minds which amazingly took five years to complete is a linguistic masterpiece.Our author brings us on a journey portraying the often turbulent mind of Frankie or F.Jasmine or Frances depending on what confused state her pubescent emotions brought her over three critical days of her young life. McCullers may have abandonded many traditions in this novel but it is awash with pathos,black humour and disturbing sexuality.The latter given Frankie`s age profile thankfully is hinted upon rather than acted out and we feel by the end of the novel that her sexual awakening although tarnished is in the main,innocent.Carson allows us to delve into the minds of a few of the characters using her distnctive narrative style.This coupled with powerful symbols like the playing cards,the bell,the ticking clock,the awful heat,the piano scales and especially the snow which can be idyllic and deadly .Other characters are merely referred to leaving so much to our imagination.To this end it is not what we are told but what we imagine ourselves that heightens our interest.To measure its worth as a literary masterpiece this novella grows on you and the haunting yet human reality that it bestows may linger with you for some time.Indeed any writer who gave us a wondrous title`THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER or who wrote `it was better to be in a jail .where you could bang the walls than in a jail you could not see ` or equally enigmatic `in the...
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