Analysis the Crime Pattern of Coastal and Hill Area in Bangladesh, a Assessment

Topics: Crime, Police, United States Coast Guard Pages: 15 (3305 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Bangladesh lies on the Bay of Bengal. She is also enriched with charming hilly areas. with the advancements of time, crime expands everywhere with its distinctive environmental, geographical & socio-demographical features. The fieldtrip we participated and visited Coast Guard, Chittagong; Cox’s Bazaar & Bandorban district opens us the vital opportunity to acknowledges different patterns of crime in the coastal and hilly regions of Bangladesh. Statement Of The Study:

In Bangladesh, the Coast Guard is unique body of force that deals with the crime on the shore of Bay of Bengal and ensure secure sea zone for working & travelling; and also helps to economy on running with smooth velocity through preventing illegal trespassing & outgoing the economic martial’s including manpower. The Cox’s Bazar also a valuable economic zone with its versatility feature of criminal perspectives. The Bandorban is distinct hilly district holds the particular phenomenon’s of crime. As a student of Criminology and Police Science we have studied the courses of different aspects of crime distributed in different geographical locations but the practical knowledge was unknown to us which are very essential for us. The visit of Coast Guard at Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Bandorban helped us greatly in this regard.

Background of The Study:
Crime is the situational & functional phenomenon that changes from place to place on basis of environment, efficiency of law and order agencies and the socio demographic characteristics of native people. Due to the urbanization and globalization influenced by the different economic factors the modulus of operandi and extent of crime become versatile. The Coast Guard agency at Chittagong region most effetely deals with the costal crime on maintaining law and order in coastal sea area ranges up to 1 km. from the coast. They face the aspects of crime that orientation is totally different on the nature & feature from the crimes crime in land. The Cox’s Bazar is most popular tourist zone with its largest unique sea beach. So it is a valuable open economic zone on road of development. Due to quick urbanization and communicational the socio demographic characteristics of people become trend to be unstable. The Cox’s Bazar is also known as a important corridor of trespassing of criminals and smuggling goods on the land of Bangladesh. The Bandorban is one of the best charming hilly districts in our country. But several geographical characteristics make it distinct from normal people of Bangladesh. At here, keep with the matching with socio demographic feature of people the nature and perspective of crime is totally different from the plane land. On participating as a member in the study tour I’ve acknowledged different patterns of crime with its social & economic consequence in that region. We also informed about the situation and preparation of law and order maintaining agencies, specially the Coast Guard & Police; to meet up these challenges and contributing a role to make Bangladesh better and safer place for working and living. Aims and Objectives:

We select some aims to find out through the study-
To familiar with the organization of Coast Guard.
To acknowledge their role on protecting public & economy, working challenges on sea related crime, glory of achievement etc. To be informed about criminal tread & crime patterns of Cox’s bazaar district. To know about the preparation of Cox’s bazaar police in preventing crime and ensuring safety to the people, especially to the tourist. To familiar with the crime patterns in hilly areas mainly at Bandorban district. To find out entomological reasons of crime in hilly areas. To acknowledge the preparation of police on taking the challenges regarding to meet up these crime. To develop conceptual assessment by analyzing the crime patterns on costal and hilly region. Methodology:

It is necessary for the one to know not only the methods...
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