Analysis: Rainbow Underclass

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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The “Rainbow Underclass”
The main purpose of the article, “Rainbow Underclass” written by Mortimer Zuckerman is that there are too many immigrants and illegal aliens in the United States. Zuckerman wrote the article to provide people awareness of both, the immigrants and the aliens in the US. In the article, Zuckerman attempts to determine ways for the U.S. government to measure and reduce the immigrants, especially by safeguarding and protecting the boarders. The other main point that has been raised by Zuckerman is for the government to reduce the issuance of visa to the immigrants, allowing them to enter the U.S. Immigrants do not learn and speak English as quickly as the immigrants before 1965. The government should only allow highly skilled immigrants to enter the U.S. and slow down the immigration process. While I have agreed with some of the points Zuckerman is making, I do not agree with all of the points that he is making, regarding the immigrants in the U.S. Firstly, Zuckerman states that new immigrants do not learn English as quickly as immigrants before 1965, because they are not linguistic minority to dominate any large city the way the Spanish speakers now dominate Miami and Los Angeles. I believe it is not true to assume that immigrants before 1965 have learned English quickly. As an immigrant, I do learn English faster than the immigrants before 1965. In my situation and as an immigrant who has left my birth country and lives in the U.S., studying for my education, I do study; read, and write English. I have studied, learning how to write, using the different types of tenses as well as the spoken English language better compared to immigrants before 1965. In addition, I have disagreed Zuckerman’s statement that the immigrants before 1965 mastered the English language better than the immigrants in existing times, because I believe that the immigrants before 1965 purposely learned and spoke English to work in factories and groceries stores. The...
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