Analysis Questions for Harley Davidson Case

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Harley-Davidson: Enterprise Software Selection
Question to ask when analysising case study
1] Describe the company background, management practices, and the organization structure.

2] Describe the IS organization within Harley-Davidson. What are the key advantages of this type of organization?

3] What was the role of the purchasing organization/function with PPG? Who provided leadership to the purchasing organization/function? What was Berryman’s assessment of the purchasing organization?

4]Describe Berryman’s efforts (supply management strategy) to transform how the company interacted with the supplier community.

5] According to Mason, what were the key hurdles to introducing changes in purchasing process? Why were these difficult to overcome? What steps were taken to overcome these hurdles?

6] Describe the activities (formation of team, mapping “as is” processes, stakeholder survey, and mapping “to be” process”) undertaken to put SMS into action (i.e., supplier information link project). Why were these activities undertaken? What were the outcomes of these activities? Comment on the appropriateness of the overall approach to put SMS into action.

7] Describe the model used by the project team for change initiatives (people, processes, and technology).

8] Outline the supplier selection process (focus on the provider conference, proposals and presentations, and narrowing the field) and discuss activities in each phase. Can you identify any issues that were not addressed?

9] Analyze the final three contenders and discuss the thoughts/concerns of the project team members as they embark upon their final decision. Which provider would you select? Why?

10] How well was the overall project managed? Illustrate the deployment of project management tools during different phases of the project.

11] What are the key lessons learnt from this case?
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