Analysis of Poems:The Rose That Grew From Concrete and And Tomorrow by Tupac Shakur

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  • Published: April 18, 2004
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Tupac Shakur wrote both these poems and the poems are about having ambitions and goals and reaching them despite the circumstances. There is also a theme of keeping hope in both the poems.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete is not really about a rose that grew from the concrete. The rose symbolizes a man and the concrete symbolizes the ghetto. A rose would never grow from concrete and by this he is meaning to say that it is really hard to survive the hard life of the ghetto and make something out of yourself. The second line means that the person has made something out of himself. "nature's law" means that no one expected the man to survive and the 'law' was that no one could survive the ghetto and do something with their lives and so the man has proved this law wrong. "it learned without having feet", this part means that he had no help and he made it all by himself. The third line means that because the man kept his dreams and was confident in his own abilities he was able to reach his goal. "fresh air" represents some where away from the ghetto where he is well-off and he is not in constant trouble and somewhere where he does not have a lot of problems. The last line he is praising the 'rose' because it made it through the hard time when there was no one to help it and no one cared about it.

And Tomorrow is a poem about hope. Tupac talks about how Tthe world is today but tomorrow there is still hope for a better future. The second line of the poem, says that people no longer want to take any chances and they no longer think independently because they are afraid of becoming different and getting thrown out of society. The next two lines are about how poor humanity is and how much tragedies there are in the world and no one is facing them and trying to find a solution to them. He goes on to say how children are being brought up, with "ruthlessness" and this is because they find no love at home. From line 9 onwards he begins to talk about...
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