Analysis Persuasions Patrick Henry

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Jesan A. Morales
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Henry’s voice is heard
All historical figures strived to fulfill their dreams of creating a better tomorrow, similarly Patrick Henry had a dream, and that dream was declaring independence from England. He was willing to make any sacrifice to achieve that goal. One truth he would have to show to the House of Representatives was the undisputed fact that war is the seed that becomes the tree of independence. Patrick Henry was a representative in the important Virginia Convention where the 13 Representatives stood to discuss their future action to gain independence from England. The representatives didn’t agree with Patrick Henry but after his Speech of “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” they rethought the situation and made a clear and necessary decision because Henry brought upon them an arsenal of argumentation . Henry, in his speech to the Virginia Convention used several rhetorical devises to create a strong persuasive argument the devices included logos, repetition, pathos, and call to action. This rhetoric devices where used in a way that swayed the audience to believe that his argument is reasonable, and necessary for the good of everyone. Henry starts by addressing the convention with sympathy and direct determination but he says that his purpose is beyond moral value, it is something that would make him seem guilty of treason but he believes that his speech is what the people need and what he considers his new home desperately desires. The first piece of information he provides is aimed to the British ministry and their irresponsible way of recognizing the people. He points out the way that their petitions of Independence were received, and describes how they insidiously smiled behind their false actions. In Henry’s speech he tries to convince the Virginia convention to take immediate and deliberate action toward achieving independence pointing out flaws that the British ministry’s unfairness and our right to be free. He persuades the convention to take immediate action because it’s what the people need. Patrick Henry knew that in order to make a difference and have valuable word he needed to reason with the audience because he knew senators act with evidence and with logic. Henry argued that Britain had never given anyone independence so why would they give independence to them; his point was to show that Britain had ignored their petitions, so Henry used that to his advantage by transmitting to them new and logical questions on what made the people think that Britain is willing to just give them independence. During his speech Mr. Henry stated “The conduct of the British Ministry for the last ten years to justify does hopes with which gentlemen have pleased to solace themselves and the house? Is it that insidious smile with which our petitions has been lately received?” (Henry Par.3) He said this to make them believe what he was saying was nothing but the true. Patrick used logical appeal to make his audience comprehend the situation. Patrick’s arguments made the representatives in the convention rethink the situation and take deliberate action. He turned evidence into persuasive weapons that instantly made the audience recognize loopholes in their patient waiting for Independence. Patrick easily brain washed them to think it was our only option. Logic is a fantastic way of making reader rethink and reason with a different perspective. Henry needed to be clear and to attract the audience’s attention what he need was a direct statement, and in order to strengthen his statements he would use repetition to reinforce his arguments. He said, “We must fight, I repeat it, sir, we must fight" (Henry, Par.5) repetition helps the speaker to highlight the importance and to clarify his argument. Most of the time repetition was used to state directly what he wants, for example later in the reading he stated “Let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come!” (Henry...
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