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Topics: Season, Stanza, Poetry Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Carlos Jacinto English IV
Senior-GPoetry Analysis

Looking into “Rain”
“Rain”, a poem written by Danton Remoto, involves two people (the poem’s persona and addressee) as part of a long-distance relationship. Through the poem, the reader gets a clear idea of what one feels when involved in such a relationship.

The first stanza depicts the persona of the poem in a place where rain is falling. The author makes use of simile, by saying that water slides down the leaves, like tongue on skin, and the sound of their falling collects, like breath on the lobes of ears. This stanza, through its imagery and simile, sets the mood for the poem; that is, of sadness and loneliness. Rain is commonly used as a symbol for sadness, which one can conclude was what the persona was feeling at that time, despite the fact that the reason for that sadness was not yet directly stated in the stanza. Furthermore, the imagery of water sliding down leaves can be compared to a person with tears rolling down his/her eyes.

The second stanza provides the reader with a clearer idea of what the persona is going through. From the first line, which says: “You are a continent away”, it is clear that the addressee is someone who, literally, is far away from the persona. The author then proceeds to use images relating to the seasons: “There, the leaves are beginning / to turn / Soon night will steal hours / from day / and snow will be whirling / in drifts.” Through the imagery, it is obvious that where the addressee is, the beginning of the season of autumn is taking place, with the transition into the season of winter slowly coming, and through that, the poem is able to further emphasize the distance separating the persona and the addressee. It is possible to think that based on these images, the addressee could be staying in a continent such as North America, where the seasons of autumn and winter do take place, and the persona in a continent such as Asia, where it is...
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