Analysis Paper: the Philosophical Foundation on the K-12 Program

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Analysis Paper: The Philosophical Foundation on the K-12 Program

I. Introduction

The K-12 Program means Kindergarten and the 12 years of elementary and secondary education, which is part of the Educational Program of President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III.

The President wants at least 12 years for our public school children to give them an even chance at succeeding compared to those who can afford pay up to fourteen years of schooling before university. Thus, their children are getting into the best universities and the best job after graduation. The administration believes that adding more years to basic education in the Philippines would decongest and enhance the basic education curriculum and could provide better quality education for all.

The Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Armin Luistro revealed that the K-12 basic education program will take-off next school year 2012-2013. The program is comprised of universal kindergarten education, 6 years of elementary education (Grades 1 to 6), 4 years of junior high school (Grades 7 to 10) and an additional 2 years for senior high school (Grades 11 and 12). To simply put, the K+12 is the simplified K+6+4+2.

The following is the rationale of the K-12 Program:

1. Enhancing the quality of basic education in the Philippines is urgent and critical. 2. The poor quality of basic education is reflected in the low achievement scores of Filipino students. 3. International tests results like 2003 TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) rank the Philippines 34% out of 38 countries in HS II math and 43% out of 46 countries in HS II Science; for grade 4, the Philippines ranked 23rd out 25 participating countries in both Math and Science. In 2008, even with only the science high schools participating in the Advanced mathematics category, the Philippines was ranked lowest. 4. The congested curriculum partly explains the present state of education. 5. This quality of education is reflected in the inadequate preparation of high school graduates for the world of work or entrepreneurship or higher education. 6. Further, most graduates are too young to enter the labor force. 7. The current system also reinforces the misperception that basic education is just a preparation for higher education. 8. Our graduates are not automatically recognized as professionals abroad. 9. More importantly, the short basic education program affects the human development of the Filipino children. 10. Cognizant of this urgent and critical concern and in line with the priorities of the Aquino Administration, the Department of Education is taking bold steps to enhance the basic education curriculum.

The Department of Education also presented the benefits of the Enhanced Basic Education Program:

1. The Enhanced K-12 Basic Education Program will be instrumental in achieving the nation’s vision of high school graduates. The benefits of the K-12 proposal far outweigh the additional costs that will be incurred by both government and families. 2. An enhanced curriculum will decongest academic workload. 3. Graduates will possess competencies and skills relevant to the job market. 4. Graduates will be prepared for higher education.

5. Graduates could now be recognized abroad.
6. The economy will experience accelerated growth in the long run. 7. The Philippine education system will be at par with international standards. 8. A better educated society provides a sound foundation for long-term socio-economic development.

Alignment of curriculum to the business and industry needs (Key Employment Drivers for 2011-2020, DOLE Project Job Fit 2020 vision). Growth of Philippine economy will be driven by:

1. High-value foreign direct investment (FDI) led agribusiness 2. Infrastructure (roads and highways, logistics, physical infrastructure...
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