Analysis on the Road Not Taken

Topics: The Road, Poetry, Stanza Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Benjamin Liang
Poem Analysis – The Road Not Taken
People make choice every second, for instance, where should I go to lunch, KFC or McDonald’s? “The Road Not Taken” is a well-known poem about choice. Though it’s really brief, it told us a vital truth; the direction the one take in life will determine one’s future. Thus, people have to think about their choice carefully. In addition, it simply says that choice is inevitable, but you never know what your choice will cause until you have lived it.

The author describes his condition in the first stanza; he faces two ways and he has to choose one. He says: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood / and sorry that I could not travel both.”(Robert Frost, Lines 1-2) In the next lines, Robert expressed that he would like to try out both, but doubts he could to that, therefore he continues to look down the roads for a long time trying to make his decision about which road to take (in line 3&4). This situation points out the theme of choice directly; People will always meet choice. And you will not know where the road will lead to until you choose and live it. The second stanza is connected to the first one compactly. The speaker had looked down the first one “to where it bent in the undergrowth,” (Lines 5) and in the second stanza, he reports that he decided to take the other path, because it seemed to have less traveled than the first one. However, then he goes on to say that they actually were very similarly worn. “Though as for that the passing there / had worn them really about the same,” (Lines 9&10) According to his mental depiction, readers can feel that it is a hard moment to make choice. It strongly proved the theme that whether or not people have a reason why the choice is better, they has to make it. Robert Frost described this poem as a “tricky” one. The reason why he described it so is in the following two words: “sigh” and “difference”. As people know, the meanings of some English words are dependent...
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