Analysis on the Poem Sweethearts by Allen Branden

Topics: Emotion, Love, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1640 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Jamie Noack
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Essay # 2
In the poem “Sweethearts,” by Allen Branden he describes the feelings of a young couple who have to sneak out to find time to spend with each other. The line, “Through the pale statuary and falling leaves” (2) gives the poem a setting of being in a cemetery in the autumn. Their love is so strong that they never want to be apart. The speaker is a man who is telling a story about a relationship that he was in as a teenager; he is not speaking to anyone unparticular. Through diction, symbols and tone the author explains how young love can be confusing, misunderstood, and full of emotion. The diction in the first two lines introduces a young couple, but the speaker does not come out and say the word couple he uses the word “they” in the first line. “One late Friday night they grope their way through the pale statuary and fallen leaves”(1-2) The significance of using the word “they” is to go back to the theme of the poem and to keep them secrate and hidden like their relationship. In these lines are a few words that can explain the theme of the poem. The denotation of the word grope is to search about, search blindly, or even to touch in a sexual manner(Marrian-Webster). Using the word grope lets the reader know that the couple is in lust as well as love, because many young teenage boys and girls get these emotions confused. Lust is longing or desire for sexual desire which is why the speaker uses the word grope, to explain the sexual desire that this young couple feels for one another. Throughout the poem, informal diction is used because everyday language is used, although there are a few words that are used, not everyone reading this poem would understand. In the line, “with vertigo of their longing, the rush/of uncovering and pushing flesh against flesh.”(9-10) the denotation for the word vertigo is dizziness. Putting the word in this sentence makes the reader think about the dizzy...
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