Analysis on the Difficulties Faced by Hr Planning in Modern Society

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Analysis on the difficulties faced by HR planning in modern society

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At present, with the development of the society, the business and economy have entered a new stage. The global economy has become the trend in countries and regions around the world, which means that the business and the economic growth are affected much by the global changes. Meanwhile, there are some local factors that also make effect on the smooth development of the business and economy. Based on this factors, it organizations have to take more pressure, so it is with the HR planning. In this essay, it aims at analyzing the difficulties faced by the effective HR planning. In the following, it is divided into three aspects. In the first aspect, it identifies the current situation of the HR planning. In the second part, the difficulties faced by HR planning are summarized. The factors are also indicated well. In the third part, proper measures are also put forward to solve the problems above. First, it learns the current situation of HR planning. In recent years, with the booming expansion of economy and education, the quality and volume of the human resource have been increased much. Compared with the human resource in the last century, the integrated quality and the amount have been changed a lot. In addition, with the development of the information technology, the recruitment activities and the HR planning are completed conveniently and efficiency through the internet and internal network of the organizations (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick 2011). These are all the advantages of the HR planning held in current age. However, these advantages are not able to indicate the current situation of HR planning in an objective way. There are more defects and difficulties that should be considered here. More and more organizations have identified that the HR planning is not able to be implemented well in the organization. The HR planning can hardly achieve the expected performance in the company. Some organizations suffer from the difficulty that the amount of the talents is not able to satisfy the demand of the company, while other organizations are also affected and limited by the excessively large flow volume of the human resource (Cecil and Sandra 2011, p.330). Based on this fact, the human resource in the organization cannot be arranged and applied in the organizations. Adjustment has to be made timely in order to satisfy the practical supply of the human resource. In addition, focusing on the large flow volume of the human resource, the organizations have to provide the employees with better and more attractive treatment in order to improve the loyalty of the employees (Anderson 2005, p.570). Otherwise, the human resource may be hunted by the other organizations in the market. Briefly speaking, it is obvious that the current situation of the HR planning is not that satisfied. The organizations have to take much pressure and difficulties in the HR planning. In the second part, it indicates the difficulties faced by the HR planning and the factors that give rise to the situation. Firstly, it is because of the changeable and frustrated situation of the business and economic climate. Both the local and global economy cannot ensure the rapid growth of the economy (Sheehan 2006, p.136). With the expansion of the economic scale, there are more and more participants in the business. The large volume of participants makes it more difficult to manage the overall situation of the business and economy. Even the government and some institutions play the role of manage and supervise the economy; the market and the economic growth cannot be handled in a sufficient way. For instance, the balance between the demand and supply can hardly be predicted and controlled, which fits both the human resource and the raw materials in production (Compton, Morrisey and Nankervis 2009). Thus, the economic expansion...
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