Analysis on Regulatory Compliance

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analysis of regulatory compliance




Maria Regina Nittya .P


Internship Report

Submitted to the Faculty of




Tangerang 15339


January 2013


| | | | |11 January 2013 | | | | | | | |Supervisor | | | |Dean | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Indra Pratama | | | |Rudy Tobing |


I would like to Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ because of His will, I was given the opportunity to intern at Marathon Oil Corporation. By His bless, I can finish the internship and report as it’s scheduled. Special thanks to my family for always supporting me and give me strength day by day to believe that nothings impossible as long as you believe in yourself and pray to God.

Greatest gratitude to Marathon Oil Corporation that has provided the opportunity to feel the new life experience of work and knowledge. Greatest thanks to Pak Indra Pratama who made this internship and report possible because of his guidance and advices and also to Pak Riko Ratam for always give me motivation every single morning and his greatest patience to guide me through the fulfillment of the job tasks.

It is a great honor to work with Mr. John Bates, Mas Japa, Mas Dandy, Kak Anas, Bu Susan, Kak Gadis, Kak Adit and all other Marathon employees. Thanks for giving me new experience of work environment and for giving me new friends, colleagues and teach me the professional attitude in workplace.

It is a pleasure for me to especially thanks to Arief Putratama Said, as my mentor for his patience to guide me facing a new working field and give me a lot of meaningful advices to make this internship report possible. And also, Ryandiaz Tan and Nikko Indra Wirawan who delivered their knowledge so I can fulfill my tasks and made the internship easier and less pressure for the first time of internship and also for a new friendship.

I would like to thank to my partner during my internship Fellicia Chandra, Farica Sukma and Feby Fitria Hartanti who always help me out to fulfill the tasks and always support me, motivate me and made day by day full of happiness.

I would like to give my best regards and blessing to my best friend, Dian Angelene and to all of my colleagues who played in role in giving critics, suggestion, and advices to finish the internship and also of those who supported and helped me so I could complete the internship report.


Maria Regina


Regulatory Compliance in Oil and Gas Company


Maria Regina


Marathon Oil...
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