Analysis on Nippon Paint Ads

Topics: Rhetoric, Present, Advertising Pages: 4 (1499 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Assignment 1 – Critical Analysis
Name: Lee Ka Man, KayleyClass: EN3513SID: 52868900
Lecturer: Allan JohnsonProduct: Nippon Paint
Nippon paint is the largest paint manufacturer within Asia nowadays, which is established in Japan since 1881. With more than 120 years of experience in paint technology, they are profound in producing a variety of paints like emulsion, wood, metal and spray paint to suit different customers’ needs in several areas, for example, private and public residential and commercial buildings. High quality of lives and environmental friendly are of their main concerns. With these caring missions, the unique selling point of the brand is odour-less, and low degree of formaldehyde released, which helps sustaining healthy lives of both human and environment. ‘Innovation, Service and Leadership’ are their three main principles with the aim that helps rewarding future by harmonizing people, nature and society. To reach the target audiences widely, Nippon paint mainly employs TV advertisement to promote its products, printed poster, catalogue and outdoor billboard can also be founded in the market in advance.

In this analysis, a published printed poster together with a catalogue on 2012 is selected and analyzed, which is promoting the latest Nippon paint ‘Gold Formaldehyde-Buster Odour-Less All-In-1’. This paint has the advanced ‘Formaldehyde Abatement’ technology that can decompose all the harmful material and transform to natural water molecules. The possible target audience is health-conscious parents, especially pregnant mother or having young children. In this piece of advertisement, rhetoric devices, including logos and pathos, are used to persuade readers to consume the product which is explained below.

Logos, meaning ‘the persuasion by the use of reasoning’, is employed with the help of statistics and numbers to present the advertisement in a more sounding and convincing way, for instance ‘Anti-bacterial up to 99.9%’,...
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