Analysis on Hobnail by Crystal Arbogast

Topics: Metaphor, Family, Atmosphere Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Analysis “Hobnail” by Crystal Arbogast
The author of the story is Crystal Arbogast. She is an American famous writer. She was born in Wise County, Virginia. And the events of the story take place also there. She did not start writing stories until she was 40 years old. Crystal Arbogast is well-known for her short stories. The story is entitled “Hobnail”. The title doesn’t reveal the theme and the idea of the story. I want to say, that I had several ideas what the story would be about before reading. And I couldn't even imagine that it was this story. It was very difficult to assume what role a hobnail would play in the story and the destiny characters. But to my mind it is an interesting title. I don’t know why, but it attracted my attention and I wanted to read the whole story. The theme of the story is a scary bedtime story about a mother and daughter's night-time journey home. The story begins with a very long exposition. Because it’s a kind of horror story and the author wants to involve the reader in the special atmosphere. We knew from the exposition that the events take place in the US - Wise County, Virginia, because the main characters (a woman – Ellen and her little daughter – Fannie) lived in Virginia. Their surname was Poteet. Fannie was the youngest in her family and she has also 3 brothers and a father (Lige). The author mentioned that an uncle Jack (it’s a brother of Fannie’s father) had left the country and was in a faraway place called Cuba, fighting for a man called Roosevelt (Place Cuba was anything like home – comparison). Thereby, we can suppose that it was about the beginning of the 20 c. We also knew that it was a religious family, because they went to church. And just with this trip to church the story begins. Fannie and her mother went to church with her uncle (her mother’s younger brother - John) and his wife (Sally). It was a long service and it was awfully late when Fannie and her mother were going home. John offered them to...
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