Analysis on Friday Night Lights

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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Its funny when i can watch a movie and compare it to a piece of literature. When you can compare a movie to a book, it means they share the same philosophy. The only difference is the way one another is viewed. None the less, books and movies can still have a powerful meaning together. Teaching the world of friendship and love through heartfelt words and cinematic productions. Ralph W. Emerson wrote his own theories and opinions . Except, he put it in a book to be read years into the future. I have read the book myself and can only envision how it can be compared to hundreds of movies. One that specifically comes to mind is the movie, Friday Night Lights. This movie shares many characteristics to Emerson himself. For example, the view of great expectations and the love a person shares with another. In this movie, everything has a purpose or reason behind it, but the road must be crossed in order to see those reasons. Friday Night Lights is a good example of showing how to be a friend, showing what love might intail, learning to experience life one step at a time and developing a good sense of moral character.

Friendship, a word that is best learned through experience. This movie does more than show friendship, it shows how important having friends actually is. Everybody has a friend, some have several, but in a football team, friendship is strong. These players are tested everyday with new challenges on the football field, also, in everyday life. Just like when a quarterback cant complete a pass or a student cant get a passing grade, when it matters the most. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, so this team knows to be there for one another in a tough time. In the same regard, friendship help teams work together. Becoming more than just students, but a whole unit. Without this kind of experience, these players would not know what its like to play at a championship level. The Permian Panthers know what its like to compete at this level, because of one huge...
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