Analysis on Dead Stars

Dead Star is a love story about a man named Alfredo Salazar,who has his fiance in the person of Esperanza and they have been engaged for quite some time. Society views them as an ideal couple. Their wedding is about to take place in the near future. Prior to the wedding however, he sees another girl, when he goes with his father to a judge's house. He tries to seek love in her, but she kind of declines. in that way, Alfredo became a little bit confused in his upcoming wedding where he is about to chose between two options; to do what he should do by marrying Esperanza as prescribed by his parents or to do what he wants to do by having Julia Salas,


TIME: Lenten Season (they are celebrating the Holy Week since there is a procession made for ‘Our Lady of Sorrow’) PLACE: Sta. Cruz particularly in Calle Luz, hometown of Julia Salas, Calle Real, Church of Our Lady of Sorrow, house of Don Julian and Judge Del Valle THEME:

How one can conquer his self by understanding, understanding that sometimes illusions can be very influential in our lives. And it is up to us, without the interference of society, to choose between two good choices, letting our own hands mold our own destiny.


Man Vs. Society


A star symbolizes a person’s dream. It is what he/she yearns for. When we look up into the night sky, we see bright stars that we can’t seem to take our eyes off them. But if a star is dead, It begins to dim and slowly self-destruct, making it loose its glamour, the reason why we were attracted to it in the first place.

Why the story is titled ‘Dead Star’:
When he first courted Ezperanza, he always had this urgent need that would make him yearn to see her might it day or night. He courted her with serenades, flowers and sweet notes. But soon, it slowly died and then he met Julia. And at first he was awestruck by her ‘exotic’ beauty. But soon, after he married Ezperanza, his love for Julia...
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