Analysis of a Volkswagen Advertisement

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, along with many television episodes and films after that, making it well known. When a company or puts a Star Wars character or makes a reference to Star Wars in an advertisement, most young adults and adults know to what they are referring; and the 2012 The Force: Volkswagen commercial does just that.

From the start the ad shows what it is all about, using the force. One of the first things that you notice and that grabs your attention in this commercial making it affective is the music that plays. It is the Imperial Death March, Darth Vader’s theme, which is played in the Star Wars movies. In the commercial, a viewer sees a little boy, who either has just watched Star Wars or is a big fan that is dressed up as Darth Vader. Moving throughout the house he does his absolute best to lift, move, or even just start all of the objects and appliances he can find. He first tries to start the exercise machine and nothing happens. Then he tries the dog, which looks at the little boy as though he is crazy when nothing happens. After the dog, he then goes to the washer and dryer, a baby doll, and a sandwich and still nothing. As the child is becoming very discouraged, his father comes home. Running past his dad, cape flying behind him, and his hands out as if he were saying ‘don’t talk to me, I’m busy.’ He gets to his father’s car and stands in front of it and tries. At first nothing, but he then seems to focus a little harder and then, it starts! The little boy stumbles back as though he can’t believe that it started. He looks back at his parents to see if they have witnessed his power, which in reality his dad was actually the one to start the car with the starter that comes on the key, but by this time no one cares. Every one, along with the little boy, is just happy that he finally accomplished what he had been trying to do all day.

All in all, this is a great commercial, almost perfect. This...
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