Analysis of a Team Charter 3

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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Analysis of a Team Charter

MGT 521

November 23, 2009

Analysis of a Team Charter

Different personalities, morals, and beliefs may arise in any situation. Group situations in school and work tend to have the largest occurrences of differences. Differences have both pros and cons when it comes to having a complete and thought out product. Cons may strike up conflict or heated discussions but the pros allow all sides to be heard and different views to be discussed.

Our learning team charter discusses each team member’s skills inventory as well as goals, rules, and ways to manage any disagreements. Our skills inventory consists of many strengths including being a team player, thinking outside of the box, organizational skills, and effective communication skills. Our goals consist of an overall team objective of improving the team as a whole. This will be done by allowing ourselves to be available to all team members and assist any way that we can.

In order to make a group work, ground rules must be laid out up front. Our ground rules consisted of determining ways of communication, setting internal due dates, and assignment facilitation. Conflict management was discussed as well. By every team member equally contributing to the project and good communication skills, conflict will most likely be avoided. In our small group of four, there were many differences in our Jungian types. Two of us ranked as ESTJ, which translates to extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. We both tend to be very organized and team players. One individual ranked INFP. This person is our creative team member. The last team member ranked as ENTP. This person is our “thinking out of the box” member. Knowing this about each other will allow us to work together to analyze any weaknesses as well as use our strengths to our advantage. Team members must trust each other as well. After sharing our trust scores from the “Do I Trust Others?”...
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