Analysis of a Main Character

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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When we think of a hero we tend to think of a strong male saving the populace. In The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time the heroic prototype is portrayed in a way too seldom thought of. Christopher Boone, the main character, represents literature’s archetypical hero. This character follows the pattern by having a difficult childhood, being called to an adventure, and experiencing an extreme ordeal receiving an award in the end. In the following passage I will identify three stages to support my argument. The main character deals with several challenges and difficulties throughout his childhood. Christopher struggles with simplicities such as jokes because the meanings are not straight forward. (p.8) He cannot understand the ambiguity and feels they are too complex to process. This is why his mentor, Siobhan has to draw emotions for him otherwise he cannot decide what people are feeling. (p.1-2) Christopher also experiences unpleasant social situations. During one occasion he becomes upset with the large crowds, lowers to the floor, hands over ears, and shouts, breaking items. These examples follow the pattern of having a challenging childhood. In the beginning of this novel Christopher encounters a murdered neighbourhood dog. (p.1) Further on in the novel letters from his mother, which his father is hiding, are found and he realizes she may still be alive. He decides he wants to investigate these two mysteries and they become his “call to adventure”. He determines that his mother resides in London and wants to find her. This adventure causes him to leave the comfort of his home and travel to another city. He also is forced to question his trust towards his father since his father confessed that he killed the dog. He is leaving family behind and has to adopt a new attitude toward life in society. Christopher’s “supreme ordeal” occurs in the train station. He stole his father’s bank card and he travels to London to...
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