Analysis of a Hydrated Crystalline Compound

Topics: Mass, Copper, Sulfuric acid Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Analysis of a Hydrated Crystalline Compound

Katie Sanders
Block 3
February 29, 2012
Title: Analysis of a Hydrated Crystalline Compound

Purpose: The purpose of our experiment was to determine the amount of water in copper sulfate pentahydrate expressed as a percent.

Hypothesis: I think that bluestone crystals are 20% water, because it’s called pentahydrate (penta means five) and 1/5 of 100 (since it’s expressed as a percent) is 20, so I think bluestone crystals are 20% water.

Procedure: The following list includes the materials and supplies we used in the experiment: 1) Crucible and Lid
2) Tongs
3) Alcohol Burner
4) Hanging Pan Balance
5) Ring Stand with Clay Triangle
6) Massing Tin

We prepared our lab station so that it looks like figure one below.

Figure 1. Apparatus

We followed this procedure for finding the percent of water in bluestone: 1) Mass a massing tin on a hanging pan balance, record mass, and then add four grams of crushed bluestone to the massing tin, record mass. 2) Carefully pour bluestone from massing tin to crucible. 3) Set up your apparatus as shown in Figure 1.

4) Light the alcohol burner and heat until the bluestone turns from blue to white all the way through. 5) Using tongs, take the crucible out of clay triangle until it cools. 6) Carefully pour CuSO4 from crucible to massing tin.

7) Record the mass of massing tin with CuSO4 inside.
8) Clean up lab station.

Data: Table one displays our data for percent of water in bluestone.

| |Massing Tin |Massing tin with |Crucible with CuSO4 |Bluestone without crucible| CuSO4 | | | |bluestone | | |Without | | | |...
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