Analysis of "A Gap of Sky"

Topics: Drug addiction, Short story, Past tense Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Analysis of ”A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope

The short story “A Gap of Sky” is written by the English author Anna Hope and published in 2008. The short story revolts around a girl named Ellie. She is nineteen years old and lives in London, England. Ellie lives without her parents and goes to University College London where she studies literature due to the fact she mentions different English authors. The title of the story refers to a specific point where Ellie sees the gap of sky. It is a metaphor for her state of mind and she does not know whether it is where something has just collapsed, or if it is an empty space where something new can grow. It is very important to note the importance of her age, as it is mentioned three times in the same manner: “She is only nineteen […]”

Her age is mentioned often as to underline the importance of her youth and possible lack in maturity. The short story starts in media res, as we do not get a description of Ellie but just hear about her from her flashbacks to the night before and we get to make up our own opinion about Ellie without hearing about her from other characters in the story. Ellie is an independent girl, but you as a reader get the feeling that she is not taking good care of herself. She does drugs and cannot remember to do her assignments and hand them in in time to her professors. We get introduced to her just as she wakes up at the late side of afternoon as she realises she has forgotten to write her essay on Virginia Woolf which is due Tuesday. Ellie feels a twinge of panic as she remembers she does not have any printer ink and as a result of this she cannot print her essay. Ellie’s mission when she gets out of bed is to hunt down ink as fast as possible. Ellie goes through the different streets, and if London is known to one you can follow her path through the city and the short story gets more realistic as you can identify yourself with the main character just by knowing her route. The whole story focuses a...
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