Analysis of "A Child Called It"

Topics: Family, Stabbing, Mother Pages: 3 (1348 words) Published: May 17, 2012
The book is an autobiography of David Pelzer. He writes about his struggle to stay alive in a home where he is treated like a slave and an animal. The book begins with the people at Dave's school finally report Dave and his condition to the authorities. The whole book is a flashback, except for the very beginning, when a policeman is taking the boy away from his mother, to freedom. His mother was the "perfect" mother, when he was younger than four. She taught them something new every day and took them on many fun family vacations. Then, singled out one of her children to be the family slave, but it didn't stop there. She also played cruel games, with the boy. Some of her favourites were the gas chamber, and the starvation tease. She played "games" with David; these games were sick and twisted. Although David had to learn how to cope and "play" these games in order to survive. The three pages I plan to focus on are pages 45-47, they are in the chapter “The Accident”. I believe this chapter was a possible turning point in the book, in some way it is because The Father begins to spend less and less time at home, which causes more trouble in the remaining family. But there’s also a duality in the way the reader believes after this “accident” – which is a very serious one, the Mother might realize what she’s been doing and feel some remorse. She should have taken David to the hospital considering he had an angry stab wound. But she cleaned him up and told him he had “thirty minutes to finish the dishes.” We see a slightly deceiving hope for David and the reader. We thought this was his chance at freedom but the Mothers cruelty triumphs and this emphasizes that she will never let him go.

The three pages are set during the summer. David's mother set time limits for David. If he didn't finish his chores on time, he would get no food or be threatened with worse. "If you don't finish on time, I'm going to kill you!" His mother would say. Then one...
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