Analysis of a Chemical Reaction

Topics: Evaporation, Water, Water vapor Pages: 3 (579 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Analysis of a Chemical Reaction
To observe a chemical reaction and to use qualitative and quantitative evidence to identify this reaction from among four possibilities. Hypothesis:
I think the result is going to produce water. I think this is going to happen because there is hydrogen and oxygen inNaHCO3. Materials:
-Test tube clamp
- 150 mm test tubes (2)
- burner
- retort stand
- clay triangle
- iron ring
- crucible

Part A:
1. Add 0.5 g of NaHCO3 (compared with a sample on display) to a test tube.
2. Obtain a test tube one-quarter filled with limewater
3. Heat the NaHCO3 gently for 2 min over a Bunsen burner, while holding the test tube of limewater as indicated in the following diagram.
4. After 2 min, shake the test tube containing limewater.
Part B:
1.To determine which of the remaining possible reactions the correct one is you must obtain quantitative evidence. Prepare a data table as shown 2.Record all experimental results in the data table as soon as you obtain them. Complete the remainder of the data table as soon as you have enough data to do so. 3.Determine the mass of a clean, dry crucible.

4.Add 1.7g of NaHCO3 to the crucible.
5.Place the crucible on a triangle placed on a ring stand.
6.Heat gently for 1 min and then heat strongly for 6 mins.
7.Remove heat, and let crucible cool before determining the mass of the crucible and residue.

Mass of crucible18.43 g
Mass of NaHCO31.7 g
Mass of crucible and residue (after heating)19.50 g
Mass of residue0.63 g

Mass/molar mass = mole (product used in experiment)
1.7/84.01 = 0.020 mol
Mass/molar mass = mole (two remaining products)
1.7/168.02 = 0.010 mole
1.0.020 mol
3.Product A: 0.010 * Na2CO = 0.74 g
Product B: 0.010 * Na2O = 0.62g
4.The mass that was received in the lab was 0.63g. Since the mass of product 3 is less then this it can’t be the reaction...
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