Analysis of War of the Worlds

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Monday 28th of January,2013

War of the Worlds
How does Wells present mankind in the lead up to and the aftermath of the first heat-ray attack? War of the worlds was written by H. G. Wells in 1898. This book shows how naive humankind is in comparison to the martians. It exemplifies how what people thought about martians, undeveloped, silly and a joke, is completely wrong. They are shown as powerful and strongly developed. Wells uses a very wide range of vocabulary in his writing. He uses many words that have double meanings to describe moments in two ways at the same time.He also sometimes uses weak words, for example flutter in the quote,”Flutter, flutter, went the flag, first to the right, then to the left.” This is to show a moment of weakness and to show the little strength in the moment, the little matter there was. All his words increase the imagery in the reader’s mind,”The building had vanished, completely smashed, pulverized, and dispersed by the blow.”In this the reader has many descriptive words that then makes it easy for him to imagine.Wells uses very literal and metaphorical phrases in his writing which can also make them have some kind of other meaning behind them. As the narrator, the precise use of his vocabulary may be explained by the fact that he wrote it six years after the incident, therefore he has had time to think about it and find the right words.

War of the Worlds is presented as a very factual account Martian invasion. The narrator wrote the whole book, wrote with such detail that it’s hard to believe he hadn’t thought it thought through before writing it.This is because he did, as mentioned in the book,the catastrophe happened six years before the narrator wrote it. This is why he was able to describe the mechanisms used, as he had time to make some research on it. If we look at it from the writer’s perspective, we could wonder how Wells knew all these scientific settings. Looking into his past, Wells was trained as a science...
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