Analysis of Walmart's Managerial, Operational, and Financial Issues

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BUS105 1
BUS105: Unit 5 Individual Project

Monte E. Thorne

BUS105 2
BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT is a management science that seeks to unify business and technology decision-making at every level in an enterprise. BTM delivers a set of guiding principles, known as capabilities. These capabilities are combined to form BTM solutions, around which a company’s practices can be organized and improved. BTM builds bridges between previously isolated tools and standards for business technology management by strategically incorporating both operational and infrastructure levels of technology management to ensure that an enterprise’s business strategy can be realized by the technology that it employs.

BUS105 3
Individual Project-Unit 5
Information Systems
My decision would be to hire an outside design engineering firm based on the direction in which I think that the firm should go. This is going to allow the company the benefit of finding people with the expertise in new technology. I am also positive that the job would be done faster than through the use of other methods. Most companies employ a number of methodologies and techniques to improve business and technology alignment. However, none of these approaches focuses on integrating and enabling the capabilities necessary to achieve strategic business technology management and the sustainable value that follows.

There are several aspects to consider to when hiring an outside firm. First you must discuss the impacts that information technology has had on the business world. For example, the way the internet and related technologies are reshaping the business landscape. Times are changing more rapidly with each passing year. We must also identify the IT resources at our disposal and how the resources are used. What are the threats and risks information technology poses on the business, what are ways in which businesses protect themselves from the threats and...
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