Analysis of Unilever Indonesia

Topics: Marketing, Marketing mix, Brand Pages: 9 (3011 words) Published: June 22, 2012
A.Executive Summary1
C.Literature Background3
D.Analysis and Interpretation5
a.The SWOT analysis of PT Unilever.5
b.The marketing mix (4p’s) of PT Unilever.7
c.The competitors10


A. Executive Summary
Unilever Indonesia has grown to be a leading company of Home and Personal Care as well as Foods and Ice Cream products in Indonesia. This report‘s purpose was to examine the brand value of Unilever Personal Care brand (Axe, Citra, Dove, Sunsilk, Pepsodent, Clear, Lifebuoy, Lux, Pond’s, Rexona, Vaseline), how it effects to the customer needs, how big is the loyalties of the customer, and the marketing analysis of Unilever company. The method used in this report is based on the Unilever web-site and the interview with the customers (Student of President University). The interview was held in dormitory areas and in campus for around 50 respondents. The research gives some findings to the fact that each year most Unilever Personal Care Brand sales are increasing. Unilever is a huge and well-known company in Indonesia. So, if they launch new product to the market, the customer will have no doubt to try their new product. It is clear that Unilever has launch many product and their product are welcomed by the people. Unilever very understand that the needs of customer will vary, so Unilever cover and fulfill it by creating a new variance. However, because Unilever had launch too many products, the customer will be confused of what exactly they need and the sales of their product will not be equally distributed. Therefore, they need to be focus on the product that has lower sales. However, it does not mean that Unilever Indonesia do not have competitor with the same type of product. In Indonesia today, there are Procter & Gamble Indonesia (P&G) and Cussons who also provide customer with Personal Care products.

B. Introduction
PT Unilever was established in 1930’s in England. When the company first appeared to the market, the company only provides oils and fats, principally soap and margarine. However, Unilever was built by merging several companies with the same type of products in order to overcome the effect of World War II in that time. From the company profile, Unilever started to expand their business into foods market and increase their investment in Research and Development. Up until now PT Unilever have several branches around the world, like in Africa, America, Asia Pacific and Middle East. One of the branches in Asia Pacific is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Still from the company profile, the branch in Jakarta was established on 5 December 1933 as known as Lever’s Zeepfabrieken. However in July 1980, the company changed their name into PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk and on November 1981, the company goes public and listing 15% of its shares on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. (Retrieved 4th June, from Unilever Indonesia has grown to be a leading company of Home and Personal Care as well as Foods and Ice Cream products in Indonesia. This company knows how to fulfill the demand of the customer; they provide a lot variant in one product. Unilever also concern that today society really aware of their own cleanliness. Unilever Indonesia believes if they want to manage and develop the business successfully, the company has to be a trusted company among the citizens by respected the society values and pay more attention to the way they have to act. The company profile also stated that Unilever had made some movements like make a foundation, named Unilever Indonesia Care Foundation that focus on 4 areas; Environment, Public Health, Education, Small-Medium Enterprise and Humanitarian Aid. The company profile also provide information about Unilever’s...
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