Analysis of Two Articles: Is Technology Good or Bad?

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Technology At Its Finest: Is it Good or Bad?

Over this past decade or so, people all around the globe have been granted with greater advancements in technology. From cellphones we can talk to, to 3-Dimensional televisions, we are able to pretty much do anything thanks to these high-tech products. But, should we really be grateful for these easy-to-use devices, or are they taking over the lives of millions? In the articles written by Michael Malone and Daniel Burrus, we receive an inside look on whether todays modern, wired, Web world is, or is not, benefitting society. Although both authors held pretty neutral views on the subject itself, Malone’s support towards the negative effect of technology definitely lures readers into believing one thing: technology is fun, but it is most definitely bad for us.

The first article is written by Michael Malone. In it he interviews a class of eighth graders living in the heart of Silicon Valley. He gets their viewpoints on how things such as the internet, television and cell phones have influenced their daily lives. The article consists of a lot of feedback that these kids had to say. The second article by Daniel Burrus is mainly about the effectiveness of technology and how it has impacted our lives. He is very supportive of todays technology and provides a lot of information that is aimed at driving people to believe that with these techy devices, we are only promoting a better future.

Malone kicked of his article by asking the eighth graders their thoughts on this subject. Surprisingly, most of these technologically astute kids came down to same conclusion: Technology is a net loss for today’s young people. According to the article almost 90% of the kids voted that it is negatively impacting their day to day lives. Malone asked the kids why they think it is hurting them, and they came up with a pretty interesting list. The number one reason being it is a time waster. A lot of the kids blame their iPods and...
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