Analysis of Toyota Hybrid Camry

Topics: Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Plug-in hybrid Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Analysis of Toyota Hybrid Camry
Toyota Hybrid Camry
The issue of environment has been growing and become a trend in recent years. The public are more environmentally aware and has responsible for it. (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2012) This could be proven by the growth of demand for the Prius model hybrid car internationally. By taking this opportunity, Toyota Company has decided to come out with a brand new Toyota Hybrid Camry which is the first Australian manufactured hybrid car. (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2012) With the advanced hybrid technology such as hybrid synergy drive, best fuel economy and lowest carbon emission, the car has been awarded 5-star green environmental rating from Australia government. (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2012) Product classification

In order to survive in the competitive automotive industry, it’s important for Toyota to understand the consumer behavior and implement a product classification strategy because it affecting the marketing decision making of both sellers and buyers. (Adeoti, 2003) According to Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller (2012), consumer product could be classified into four areas. Those are: (1) Shopping products

This type of product involves shopping comparison on the features, quality, price and sustainability. (Adeoti, 2003) (2) Convenience products
These items are inexpensive and frequently purchased. (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller, 2012) Consumer do not meant to compare the price and quality of the product. (Adeoti, 2003) (3) Specialty products

This refers to goods that have their very special features that could attract consumer to put in considerable effort to reach the dealers. (Adeoti, 2003) (4) Unsought product.
These are products where customer either know but does not think of buying it or they do not know the existent of it. (Adeoti, 2003)
Further analyze the Toyota Hybrid Camry, it is actually classified under specialty products. This...
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