“Analysis of Top Five Cement Companies”

Topics: Financial ratio, Inventory, Revenue Pages: 39 (6545 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Aramit Cement
Lafarge Surma Cement
Confidence Cement Limited
Meghna Cement Mills Limited
Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd
There are 6 cement companies which are listed with the Dhaka Stock Exchange. From these companies we tried to cover 5 companies. These companies are Lafarge Surma Cement Company, Meghna Cement Company, Confidence Cement Company, Heidelberg Cement Company and Aramit cement company. From these company we have collect the annual report and analysis the country, Industry and Financial Data. After these financial analysis we also have done the rankings of these companies. Objectives of the Report:

The objectives of the report are to identify, analyze, and take decision about the assign companies in the cement sector of Bangladesh Economy which is listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange. The objectives are as follows:

To know the overall functions of cement sector industry which are listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange.
To acquire the knowledge about the financial sector of the cement industry.
To evaluate & identify best player in this sector.
To evaluate the trend and growth rate of this industry.
To recommend necessary steps for overcoming problems that arises in this sector. Scope of the report:
Our scope is to analyze the company within the boundary of the economy of Bangladesh. And to identify the best companies in this sector and take decision from the ultimate result.

In preparing the report we use data by using primary and secondary sources. Primary Sources:
1. Face to face conversation with the head of the department 2. Discuss with supervisor
3. Group Discussion

Secondary Sources:
Annual report
Journal and relevant books
Relevant websites

Limitation of the report:
In preparing the report we have faced several problems. These ares-
Lack of availability of data and documents
Up to date data is not available.
Officials deny of discussing some information as maintaining secrecy. Economy Analysis:
In economic analysis, macroeconomic as well as microeconomic factors are considered. In macroeconomic analysis we will discuss about macroeconomic factors such as inflation, interest rates, GDP, political disruption, unemployment rate, foreign exchange, public expenditure etc. Income, expenses, profits, and nominal interest rates all these microeconomic factors are to be analyzed. In 2007 inflation rate in Bangladesh was 7.49% and in 2008 it was 9.89%. Bangladesh faced a critical situation in 2007&2008. The caretaker government took several steps, according to them, to reform the country. The state of Emergency prevailed in the country almost 2 years. Business Environment of the country terribly hampered. The national election in December 2008 paved the way for establishment of democracy in the country. The devastating Sidre caused a massacre in the southern part of the country in 2008. It affected the economy seriously. In 2007 country faced a flood that affected the economy as well. From 2007 the world’s economy started to face economic recession. The largest banks and the financial institutions started to close down. This economic meltdown began at Wall Street and it hit all around the world. This prolonged and deepened global financial crisis hit export and remittance sectors. On the other hand, the recordable rise in the oil price also affected the economy. The unemployment rate in the country increased and public expenditure have decreased. As a result the country witnessed lower ADP implementation which adversely affected the construction sector as well as the manufacturing, trade and real estate sectors mostly. The construction sector takes about 10% of GDP. Bangladesh is a small country comprising of only US$68.00 billion where 22% of its wealth emanates from its agriculture, 50% of GDP generated from service sector, manufacturing yields 17% of GDP. Imports were worth of US%16.00 billion and exports worth of US$12.00...
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