Analysis of “the Tyger” and “the Lamb”

Topics: The Tyger, God, Allah Pages: 3 (1281 words) Published: April 13, 2008
In “The Tyger,” William Blake explains that there is more that meets the eye when one examines the Creator and his creation, the tiger. The character is never defined. All throughout the poem the character questions the Creator of the tiger to determine if the Creator is demonic or godlike. The poem reflects mainly the character’s reaction to the tiger, rather than the tiger ‘s reaction to the world. The character is inquiring about the location of the Creator of the tiger when he says, “ In what distant deeps or skies” (5). In this quote the character is trying to figure out where exactly the Creator is located. He wants to know if he’s in Heaven or Hell. The words “deeps” and “skies” could have many meanings. The description of “deeps” and “skies” indicates common theoretical language for Heaven and Hell. This leads to the uncertainty of ‘the doublings of the tiger’, and it suggests that either God or the Devil, or both, could have been responsible for Creation. These lines speak of the power and strength of the tiger, and of its maker. If God is the Creator, he is a strong and powerful force. The Creator is shown to be the strongest of creatures and the greatest of artists. It is only He who can ‘twist the muscle’ of the heart of His Creation. He’s simply referring to God as the Creator. Because of the glory of God’s creation, the reader learns that the creator is invincible. Blake may have done this to get the reader to think who really made did the tiger. As like so many of his lyrics, part of the poem’s approach is to resist attempts to impress meaning upon it. “The Tiger” tempts us to a coherent uneasiness, but in the end weaken our efforts. There’s more than one answer to this question. If the reader were a religious person they would know that God created every living creature in this world including the tiger. So the answer to them would be that God created the tiger, therefore the reader will come to the conclusion from this quote, “ Did he who made...
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