Analysis of the Three Little Pigs and the Story of the Three Little Pigs

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  • Published: May 23, 2011
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Andrew Dowdell
Mrs. Malatack
World Lit Period 5
October 17, 2010

Analysis of The Three Little Pigs and The Story of the Three Little Pigs

In The Three Little Pigs, and The Story of the Three Little Pigs, the first two pigs set out and end up making their houses out of unstable materials that, in The Three Little Pigs, the fox, and in The Story of The Three Little Pigs, the wolf, destroyed. However, the third little pig builds his house out of bricks and is able to resist and eventually vanquish the wolf and fox. At the surface these stories appear to be trying to teach young children the value of hard work. But a more complex subliminal message exists as well. When The Three Little Pigs, and The Story of the Three Little Pigs are looked at through the Marxist Materialistic lens both stories use symbolism to show the oppression of workers and why they need to stand up for themselves.

In order to completely understand the subliminal story that exists inside The Three Little Pigs, and The Story of the Three Little Pigs the basic principles of Marxist Theory must be explained. Marxism is essentially the opposite of capitalism, “Marxism is the system of socialism of which the dominant feature is public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange” (What is Marxism). What this is saying is that there is no such thing as private property and that everybody publicly owns everything. Everybody, in theory, works and produces as much as they can and in return they receive exactly what they need. One of Marx’s greatest criticisms of capitalism is the oppression that workers have to endure. Marx says, “Under capitalism, […] the workers, in order to support their families are paid a bare minimum wage or salary. The worker is alienated because he has no control over the labor or product which he produces” (What is Marxism). Here Marx is saying that in capitalism, the workers are being abused. The abuse of workers is one of the main reasons Marx dislikes and distrusts the capitalist system.

In The Three Little Pigs the first place symbolism is used to display a Marxist idea is after Browny, the first little pig, has built his house. When the fox comes along he sounds very nice and sweet but in reality he is a mean and nasty person, “He heard a soft knock at his door, and a gentle voice said, ‘May I come in, Master Browny? I want to see your beautiful new house.’ ‘Who are you?’ said Browny, starting up in great fright, for though the voice sounded gentle, he felt sure it was a feigned voice, and he feared it was the fox […] ‘We shall soon see who is master here,’ and with his paws he set to work and scraped a large hole in the soft mud walls. A moment later he had jumped through it, and catching Browny by the neck, flung him on his shoulders and trotted off with him to his den.” (The Three Little Pigs and other Folk Tales). In this particular scene the fox is symbolizing the upper class capitalist. He seems nice at first when in reality, he is a mean, and deceitful person who wants only to use other people to accomplish what he wants. Browny however, symbolizes the worker who realizes that the upper class capitalist is no good, but can’t do anything to stop him. The next pig, Whitey, has almost the exact same encounter with the fox. He comes up to the door, tries to sweet talk her into letting him in and then when she doesn’t, he overpowers her and takes her away with him to his den. The next little pig, Blacky, has a very different encounter with the fox. Blacky had made his house out of bricks so when the fox came up and tried to get into the house he couldn’t. After another attempt the fox resorted to climbing up on the roof and trying to go down the chimney, but, Blacky was prepared, “But Blacky very wisely had not put the lid on the kettle, and, with a yelp of pain, the fox fell into the boiling water, and before he could escape, Blacky had popped the lid on, and the fox was scalded to death.”(The...
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