Analysis of the Text Pasionate Year

Topics: Teacher, Lesson plan, School Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: January 14, 2013
“The passionate year” by James Hilton

This text was written by an English writer James Hilton. He was born in 1900. His literary success he had found at an early age. His first novel, Catherine Herself, was published in 1920, when he was 20. Several of his books were international bestsellers and some of them were successfully filmed. In the mid-1930s Hilton lived and worked in Hollywood and in 1942 won an Academy Award Oscar for his work on the screenplay.  Some of his works took an issue of the English society of his time — particularly narrow-mindedness and class-consciousness. They were frequently his targets. “The passionate year” was written in 1924. This abstract is about a teacher who put his pupils off by giving a hundred lines for their disorderliness. During the lesson a boy was dropping his desk-lid. After consulting the map of desks and finding the boy’s name, the teacher gave him punishment but the teacher was misled. The boy, he named, sat in front of him. The teacher promptly punished the both. Surprisingly such measures prevented him from being ragged in the future. The author tries to convey the following message. The relationships between teachers and pupils, adults and children are highly difficult and need being taken into consideration. Frequently, there is a certain hierarchy between the teacher and pupils. There is a lack of cooperation and partnership in relations. On the contrary, teachers stand above pupils even in the direct meaning. In this text the teacher took his seat on a raised dais. Moreover, there are school traditions which are highly difficult to eradicate. In that school it was a tradition to rag new teachers in the first night. And it reminds on some kind of game. Or the teacher will seize the power and keep control of everything, or it will do his pupils. The teacher should be very witty and ready for the ordeals in school to overcome such difficulties. The subject...
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