Analysis of the Text "Art for Heart Sake"

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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The story “Art for Heart’s Sake” was written by Reuben Lucius Goldberg (1883-1970), an American sculptor, cartoonist and writer. After graduating from the University of California in 1904 he works as a cartoonist for a number of newspapers and magazines. He produced several series of cartoons all of which were highly popular. Among his best works are “Is There a Doctor in the House?” (1929), “Rube Goldberg’s Guide to Europe” (1954) and “I Made My Bed” (1960). The story we are analyzing is “Art for Heart’s Sake”. The title of the story tells the readers that the narration, obviously, will be about some men of art. Moreover, we can suppose that the author would like to say that art’s aim is to eradicate human shortcomings. As for genre of “Art for Heart’s Sake” we can say that it is a humor story. The problems raised in the story are urgent nowadays – money can buy everything, art is eternal, but everybody values it from one’s own point of view, at the same time not everyone is allowed to realize what real art is. The plot of the story is intricate. It centers on an old man Collis P. Ellsworth who has troubles with his health when his financial transactions end in failure. In order to find for him a new interest Doctor Caswell offers him to take up painting, just for pleasure. And it was a great surprise when Ellsworth’s awful painting was not only accepted for the Show at the Lathrop Gallery, but took the First Prize! In conclusion, the protagonist says that art is nothing, that he bought the Lathrop Gallery, what surely doesn’t coincide with the reader’s expectations. The story is told by the author. He is a person who knows everything about the facts and characters but does not take any part in the action of the story. We can divide “Art for Heart’s Sake” into three parts. The first one is Collis P. Ellsworth’s life before taking up art. The second part is his “studying”. And third one is his success. The story begins with the dialogue between Mr. Ellsworth and...
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