Analysis of the Storm : Kate Chopin

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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September 21, 2011
Essay II: The Storm
Analysis of The Storm
Passionate sex and an affair in 1899 were not to even be thought of, or to be written about. Kate Chopin writes “The Strom” about a young woman, along with her ex-lover from a previous romance, who under the right circumstances, gives in to her natural and sexual urge to be completely satisfied. Kate Chopin does an amazing job of combining plot, language, and setting to create a very passionate and vivid story.

First, Chopin uses the plot to help tell her story. Chopin uses two different stories. She talks about Calixta’s husband Bobinot and her son Bibi on their journey home. She uses this subplot to foreshadow the storm that is approaching. Chopin writes, “Mama’ll be ‘fraid, yes,” [Bibi] suggested with blinking eyes (Chopin 154).” When Chop mentions this, she is talking about the storm and that it will be a fierce one. A storm is coming that is bad enough to scare Calixta. From this Chopin is saying that Calixta will be home by herself, and vulnerable to the elements. Chopin uses Bibi and Bobinot as foil characters to give the reader further insight to the main story. Chopin also reaches the climax of the story while the main characters, Alcee and Calixta, reach their own sexual “climaxes.” Adultery is often seen as bad. Instead, in the resolution Calixta and Alcee are filled with joy and share their newfound joy with their families (Rosenblum.) Chopin ends her story with, “The storm passed and everyone was happy (Chopin 156.)” Chopin leads up to this with Bibinot worrying about Calixta yelling at him and Bibi for being muddy and being late. He even came up with apologies, but forgot them when Calixta was overjoyed to see them. The storm did pass. Everyone was happy. Although, plot is essential for telling the story, Language is also very important.

Next, Chopin uses language to make her story vivid. Chopin allows her characters’ thoughts and feelings to be shown by...
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