Analysis of the Rising of the Moon

Topics: One-act play, Drama, Plays Pages: 4 (1694 words) Published: November 29, 2011
An Analysis of Lady Gregory’s The Rising of the Moon:
The Effects of Music and Dialogue on Character Development to Support Theme of Everything is Not Always as it Seems.

A well-written play combines many elements such as dialogue, music and setting, which all add to the character and plot to present a stronger message that lies within a play. The elements of drama are very powerful tools that allow for a story to be told that holds within it an underlying message to the audience, which are available to playwrights. These tools help to more intricately develop a plot or a character within a particular play. Minor and major drama elements work together to develop an overall theme, or underlying message, for a play. Lady Gregory uses the aspects of music and dialogue to develop the main characters, such as the ballad singer and the sergeant, in The Rising of the Moon, and through these methods the characters help to reveal the theme in the play. The theme they displayed is that everything is not always as it appears or seems.

Music is a very prevalent element that is found in the minor drama play of The Rising of the Moon, and through the music in this play Lady Gregory is able to relate to both the ragged man and the sergeant. The ragged man begins to sing an old Irish-folk song, when the sergeant stops and corrects him. “You’re right sergeant, so it is; I’ve missed it. Her gown she wore was stained with gore. But to think a man like you knowing a song like that, “ (Gregory 28). Lady Gregory allows the two man from “different worlds” to discover a common bond between them, and they begin to create a deeper connection as the ragged man names more songs he believes the sergeant possibly sang as a young boy. Throughout the play the two men grow closer and more comfortable in the presence of one another. They share a seat on the barrel they were near when they started to connect and then share a pipe with one another as well. The ragged man exposes...
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