Analysis of the Possible Effects of the Caste System to India’s Globalization Aspiration

Topics: India, Poverty, Sociology Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: November 29, 2012
In this modern day and age, many countries are moving towards globalization. With the current changes and improvement in technology, people easily share and exchange goods, products and services for economic and social development. A lot of opportunities are given to many people so they can take part in globalization and uplift their living. However, there are still countries that seem to lag behind because of their internal problems in regards to inequalities.

India with regards to its present global profile is seen to be one of the rising economic powers in the world. In spite of its vast supply of labor especially the skilled workers, this country still remain a low-income one and poverty is still a big issue. This said problem is considered a result of its caste system. The Caste system divides people of India into four groups. This system decides for Indian people what they should do for living for their entire life. The Caste system did help the Indian society to be structured and organized. However, the system in the modern days was only an obstacle for India. It is considered as one of the most dehumanizing systems the world.

The caste system is making a big gap between the rich and the poor. The extent of and trends in inequalities and poverty in India affects global trends because of its large population size and majority of its population fall under the poverty line. Due to globalization with the mass improvement of transportation and communication, nations are competing against other nations of the entire world. In a modern society, where time and resource are truly valued, the Caste system has held back India by wasting some incredibly talented individuals of lower caste.

This system has made the poor suffer most. They were stripped of an opportunity to learn and be employed on bigger companies. This said situation has further led to the marginalization of the already marginalized people. With the growth of India’s gross national product,...
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