Analysis of “the Passionate Year” by James Hilton

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Analysis of “The Passionate Year” by James Hilton

1. The writer
The fragments under study are taken from the book “The Passionate Year” written by English writer James Hilton, who took education in Cambridge where he wrote his first novel, "Catherine Herself". Also he is famous with his books "We Are Not Alone" (1937), "Random Harvest" (1941), "Nothing So Strange" (1947), "Time and Time Again" (1953). 2. The Message

The main idea conveyed by the author is to show how difficult it is for a young teacher to overcome all the challenging problems he faces at school. 3. The subject-matter
The theme of the given extract is describing teacher’s behavior in nonstandard situation. 4.1 The Plot
The plot is developed on the basis of the conflict between the young teacher and the students. The plot structure
The exposition of the text begins with the describing of the emotional state of the main character when he sees the school boys straggling to their places. He feels that something is being prepared. Beginning of the events (the knot of the intrigue) is marked by the banging of desk-lids at the far end of the hall. Then there follows complications of the events: another boy drops the desk-lid and Speed calls his name and punishes him with copying hundred lines. There comes the climax - it turns out that Speed has confused names but he neatly copes with the problem. The sentence: «you and Worsley can share the hundred lines between you» – is the denouement of the text. The epilogue suggests that Speed passed his «ordeal» successfully. 4.2 The Composition-organization of the Contents

The plot is ordered chronologically in the form of a straight-narrative presentation. 5. The Way of Presentation
The extract is written in the 3rd person narrative.
6. The Type of Narration
The extract presents an account of events, but there are dialogues in the story itself and the denouement. The text also contains portraiture and represented speech. 7. The Key of the...
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