Analysis of "The Negro Speaks Rivers"

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Book 2 Quiz 6

I. Give synonyms: (10%)
1. Those ad campaigns celebrating the Big Apple, …
2. The giant Manhattan television studios where Toscanini’s Symphony once played now sit empty most of the time, while……and the Johnny Carson show live, preempt the airways from California. 3. But no; what most excites Europeans is the city’s charged nervous atmosphere, its vulgar dynamism. 4. New York is about energy, contention, and striving.

5. Nature’s pleasures are much qualified in New York.
6. Nature constantly yields to man in New York: witness those fragile sidewalk trees gamely struggling against encroaching cement and petrol fumes. 7. The bankers and the admen, the marketing specialists and a thousand well paid ancillary service people, really set the city’s brittle tone. 8. The television generation grew up in the insistent presence of hype, delights in much of it, and has no scruples about practicing it.

II. Explain: (20%)
1. out of phase

1. beget the style

1. pacesetter

1. comeback

1. casino

1. Wasp

1. skyline

1. local-breed

1. ethnic turf

1. a large billing

III. Point out rhetorical devices: (13%)

1. While sitcoms cloned and canned in Hollywood, and the Johnny Carson show live, pre-empt the airways from California. 2. Tin Pan Alley has moved to Nashville and Hollywood.
3. New York was never Mecca to me.
4. Nature constantly yields to man in New York; witness those fragile sidewalk trees gamely struggling against encroaching cement and petrol fumes. 5. So much of well-to-do America now lives antiseptically in enclaves, tranquil and luxurious, that shut out the world. 6. So what else is new?

7. The defeated are not hidden away somewhere else on the wrong side of town. 8. the city swallows up the United Nations and refuses to take it seriously, 9. Loving and Hating New York

IV. Translate sentences: (12%) ( using expressions of take…to, measure up, ratify, be accessible to, appraise, cater to) 1这些旅馆适和高级旅游者的需要。





6 管人事的经理将对每个申请者亲自进行鉴定.

V. Proofreading and error correction (10 %)

The most obvious goal of preventive medicine and public health is promote and preserve health; but it is also concerned with correcting as [1]_______ far as possible the departures from health that impair the well-beings and [2]______ working of the community.

Many factors help set the goals of public health. Those contain the [3]______ historical and cultural context, which determines the value system of society; available facts about perceived human need, which are defined [4]______ and influenced by social values; and scientific and technical capability to intervene effectively. The range and scope of the sciences and skills required for practice of public health and preventive medicine [5]______ has extended considerably since 1913, when the first edition of [6]______ Rosenau’s Preventive Medicine and Hygiene was published. The boundaries are far flung, and there is increasing different diversity in the terrain [7]______ they encompass. In clinical medical practice, physician and patient pursue a simple, well-defined goal---to heal the patient’s sickness. In public health practice, the community is the patient and many kinds of professional per- sons playing the role of the physician. There are many goals, enough to [8]______ fill the remained chapters of this book. Everyone espouses these goals, [9]_______ despite of frequent and knowing involvement in situations and behaviors [10]_____ that may be harmful to health.

VI Reading comprehension(35%)
What Life Means to Me (part II)
Jack London
1. Then began a frantic pursuit of knowledge. I returned to California and opened the books. While thus equipping myself to become a brain merchant, it was inevitable that I should delve into sociology. There I found, in a...
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