Analysis of the Marketing Strategy

Topics: Winter Olympic Games, Red Bull, 2010 Winter Olympics Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: April 17, 2013
It seems that many consumers buy the Red Bull product wholly based on what benefits it can give them, i.e.: increased well being and energy. Red Bull cans are branded with the tagline ‘Vitalises body and mind’ and it is well known by consumers that drinking Red Bull can alleviate tiredness. The fact that Red Bull has a 70% market share clearly indicates that Red Bull’s current marketing strategy is working well and they are ahead of their competitors.

Red Bull’s marketing success was built on extreme sports, in which the company invested from the beginning. The strategy was subordinated to the main advertising slogan: "Red Bull gives you wings". Red Bull wants to be associated with danger, adventure, speed, extremeness, … In this way their products addressing people who like strong sensations and excitement. Since 1995, Red Bull officially involved in the sponsorship of the Formula 1 starting stall Sauber. Nowadays they have their own stall: Red Bull Racing. They won the Championship in 2011 and 2010.

Currently, any sports event organized under the auspices of the Red Bull is doomed to success. In Poland for example these events attract crowds of fans and supporters. An example was the symbolic farewell to the Tenth Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw in 2008. For this ceremony the Red Bull X-Fighters with their biggest stars of the world came to give their show. Tickets for the 30 thousand people began to run out after a few days of sales.

However, the phenomenon of action Red Bull is not only to attract people to show emotions offer great sport, but associated with less popular disciplines of the sport. The real sensation is to popularize the drink through the event, in theory, completely unviable. For example the Red Bull Paper Wings airplane competition or the Red Bull Metro event; bike race in the metro. Red Bull sponsors some 500 athletes in the world. Many are masters, but also the precursors of their disciplines. Among them are the owners of...
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