Analysis of the Market for HP Probook 4430s in Bangladesh

Topics: Supply and demand, Price elasticity of demand, Elasticity Pages: 17 (5056 words) Published: June 15, 2012
1.0 Introduction
1.1Origin of the Report:
This report is based on the study of HP Probook 4430s market in Bangladesh has been written for the course Principles of Microeconomics instructed by Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Majid. This report has been written by the students of 19th batch to be submitted as a term paper. The economic analysis of the HP Probook 4430s and its practical applications are the main issues dealt with in this report. 1.2Purpose and Scope of the Report:

The purpose and scope of this report has been elaborately discussed below: •This report mainly analyses the market for HP Probook 4430s in Bangladesh. •The application of the ten principles of Economics in the HP Probook 4430s has been discussed. •The demand and supply of the HP Probook 4430s has been analyzed. •The report includes the price elasticity of demand and supply of HP Probook 4430s. •The report doesn’t include any financial data as this is outside the scope of the report. •The report doesn’t include any recommendations and suggestions. Our arduous efforts were driven towards the analysis of the fundamental economic rules applicable on the HP Probook 4430s laptop in Bangladesh.

1.3 Limitations of the Report:
There were certain limitations and obstacles that were faced due to availability of adequate information givers and lack of advanced knowledge. •The data collection procedure was disrupted because of the non-disclosure of some confidential information. •The time constraint had an effect on the efficient data collection, analysis and reporting. •Since, there were many distributors and dealers of HP, there were many information to analyze in order to find the vital ones. •The production and assembling costs were not brought into this report due to unavailability of the information. Even though there were many barriers to forming this study, we have done our best in effectively bringing forward the main ideas of this study that falls under the microeconomic theories for the evaluation of our instructor.

1.4 Methodologies:
The methods and procedures that were used in preparing this report were basically learned from the course and the workshop held by the instructor. The methodologies used are as follows: •The basic microeconomic theories have been applied.

Primary research methodology
Face to face interviews with the distributors and dealers. •Survey done among the users of HP laptops.
Research of the current IT fair activities.
Secondary data and secondary research results also used. •Brainstorming and Group discussions.

2.0Practical Application of Economic Theories:
2.1Ten Principles of Economics:
The application of the ten principles of Economics on the study of HP Probook 4430s has been discussed below: People face trade-offs:
When a customer wants to buy computer, he has two alternatives. He can buy a laptop or a desktop. So, he has to sacrifice one. Laptop is portable and can be used in anywhere. But desktop is comfortable for working. Desktop of same configuration of a laptop is cheaper. But people buy laptop because it is easy to carry. So people sacrifice desktop. Opportunity cost:

Desktop is perfect for doing any work. It is used comfortably in the home. But people have to use computer outside the home. So laptop is automatic choice. If one people use desktop of good configuration, then he need a laptop, he has to pay more to buy laptop of same configuration as his desktop. That means one has to sacrifice money or configuration. Hence, configuration is the opportunity cost. In other word desktop is the opportunity cost at the time of buying a laptop. Rational people think at the margin:

People consider some things such as brand, configuration, service quality and cost of laptop. Some people seek brand and they are less concerned about cost. But some think about price and they are less concerned about brand. They prefer low price, same configuration as...
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