Analysis of the Kite Runner

Topics: Hazara people, Character, Protagonist Pages: 5 (1934 words) Published: October 9, 2011
1.Point of View
The novel was written in a first person’s point of view. The narrator of the novel, Amir, tells the story firstly based on his memories in a chronological flashback order. Time soon catches up and Amir narrates as things are happening in the second part of the novel. The telling of the novel was passed to Rahim Khan as he narrates about the life he and Hassan were living while Amir and Baba were in America before the narration was passed back to Amir.

Introduction – The childhood memories of when Amir and Hassan were still boys, living in Kabul. •Rising action – The raping scene of Hassan by Assef and his lackeys that was witnessed by Amir after the kite flying competition. •Climax – When Rahim Khan calls and requests Amir to visit him in Pakistan which resurfaced Amir’s buried past. •Falling action – Sohrab cutting himself, trying to commit suicide when he believes Amir would betray him and go back on his promise. •Conclusion – Amir returns to San Francisco with Sohrab and tries to give him a better life.

3.Parallel structures
Hassan was born with a harelip that was stitched back as a birthday present from Baba that left a faint scar on his lip. Amir’s split lip had to be stitched after the fight with Assef, which made it look as if he had a harelip that was stitched up. •As boys, Hassan threatened to slingshot a rock into Assef’s eye when he did not stop bullying him and Amir. During the fight between Assef and Amir, Sohrab slingshot a metal ball piece into Assef’s eye when he did not stop hurting Amir. •In order to get rid of Hassan to try and ease his guilt, Amir puts a wad of money and his brand new watch underneath Hassan’s mattress to frame him for taking the money and the watch. Before he leaves, Amir stashes a wad of money underneath a mattress in Wahid’s house to repay him for his hospitality and he gave Wahid’s sons his watch the night before. •Growing up, Hassan would do anything and everything Amir would ask him to do, including Amir’s many mischievous plans and would even take the blame for it all in the end. When Ali and Baba tell the two young boys about their childhood, we find out that the same thing implies to them. Baba would come up with mischievous plans, Ali would do as Baba asked and would be blamed for it in the end. •The kite flying competition is taken very seriously and is seen a little like going to war. At about the same time, the Russians were invading Kabul and Afghanistan was at war.

One of the character traits shown by Amir is that he is immoral. He places a wad of money and his brand new watch underneath Hassan’s mattress, trying to frame him for taking them. He is also afraid as he knows that he should have stepped in and helped Hassan as he was being raped but was too afraid to do so. Another trait is being meek. This trait is shown as Amir always needed Hassan to help him fend off the bullies like Assef and his lackeys. However, Amir is a very caring person, which is shown when helped take good care of Baba when he was ill with cancer. Amir is also a loving person. Amir loves Soraya deeply and wasn’t really bothered about her previous boyfriend as he loves her. He also proclaims her as “the morning sun to his yelda”. Amir is the narrator of the novel and the protagonist of the story. He narrates about the trials and obstacles of his life. •Hassan

Hassan’s most prominent trait is that he is a very loyal person. He stays loyal towards Amir through thick and thin even after knowing that Amir could have helped him by trying to rekindle their friendship and taking the blame when he was framed for stealing Amir’s money and watch. Furthermore, Hassan would do anything and everything Amir asks as he would not refuse his request and even took the blame for all of Amir’s mischievous schemes. Another character trait that Hassan displays is forgiveness. He is willing to put the past behind and try to rekindle the...
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