Analysis of "The House"

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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An Analysis of “The House”
“The House” by Kim Krupp Pepe is a selection about a girl and her memories of her old house as a child. The main idea is that she is grown up and will never experience the same memories as she once had, but she also cherishes her memories of the house that she once lived in as a child. For example, in the last paragraph, she states that “Now I’m always kind of torn between being sad because I feel like a child and yet knowing I am not and can never be again. Another part of me feels happy for having a place where all my past is stored and secreted away.” The rhetorical purpose of this selection is expressive. In an expressive paper, there is self-definition. Kim Krupp Pepe uses self-definition when she says, “My sisters and brother and I grew up there.” Another example of self-definition in the selection is revealed in paragraph five when Kim says, “All my childhood memories still live in that house and out in the fields and woods.” Throughout the article, she supports the self-definition with emotional language - her own language. For example, in paragraph one, she uses emotional language (feeling words) when she says, “It is a very pleasant place.” Kim also uses the autobiographical perspective as part of an expressive writing. For example, in paragraph four Kim says, “I used to hide and secretly look at the world through the gingerbread trim. No one ever found me there." She also uses another characteristic of expressive writing, the superlative several times throughout the selection. For example, in paragraph three, she says, “Here I was a world class gymnast on afternoons after school.” An expressive paper also has a perspective. In her paper, Kim uses a personal prospective. In the personal perspective, the self is explored and is found in the third paragraph where Kim says, “As I look around, so many memories flood through my head.” One method of organization used in this selection is a narration of event....